Yaron Elyashiv - Jazz Saxophone
My good friend and bassist Vincent Hsu is going back to his homeland Taiwan after 8 years in New York.

Before heading back, he set up a great band to record some of the compositions he wrote while in NY. 

It's an honor to record his beautiful music with these wonderful musicians, among them the great Billy Drummond.

If possible I will post some sound clips once they are available.

Vincent Hsu - Bass
Yaron Elyashiv - Tenor Saxophone
Justin Wood - Alto Saxophone
Guillermo Romero - Piano
Billy Drummond - Drums
No, no one pleaded us to give another show, but we enjoyed it so much last time that we thought we should do it again.

Same members, new and exciting original music and arrangements.

Yaron Elyashiv - Tenor saxophone
Peter Cobb - Alto saxophone
Jason Prover - Trumpet
Chris Komer - French Horn
Perry Smith - Guitar
Bob Sabin - Bass
Shareef Taher - Drums

La Pregunta Arts Cafe'
1528 Amsterdam Ave. 
New York, NY 10031
(347) 591 6387
(1 train to 137th St.)

Saturday, March 27th 2010
Free of charge.
On Sunday I'll be performing with a great bass player who recently moved to New York - Yuta Tanaka.

We'll be performing as part of the Blue Owl's Japanese night.

Yuta Tanaka - Bass
Yaron Elyashiv - Saxophone
Takahiro Izumikawa - Keyboard

Sunday, Feb. 21st 2010

Blue Owl
196 2nd Avenue & 12th St. (L train to 1st/3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003-5879
(212) 505-2583
$5 cover. No minimum.
Yaron Elyashiv - Saxophone
Joseph Lepore - Bass
Will Terrill - Drums

Tuesday, February 9th.
7:30-10:30PM No Cover. No Minimum. 
<b>The Bowery Wine Company</b>
13 East 1st Street
New York, NY 10003
(F/V train to 2nd Ave. station)

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