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A birthday is as good a time as any to take a good look at yourself - past, present, and future, and do some soul searching. I am not the kind of person who needs a birthday as an excuse for soul searching, I actually find myself doing it very often, perhaps too often. But, looking at the past three and half years since I arrived to New York, I had some good experiences, and some bad ones, I met some interesting people, and some not worth mentioning, I made good music, and music I was not satisfied with.  Living in New York as a jazz artist is everything but easy, at least for me. I am not a hustler, my father wasn't a jazz star in the 70s, and I don't have the networking skills to "shmuzz" my way to the top. What I do have (some of the time) is my genuine belief that I possess, or will possess something worth saying through my music. Something that is really "me" and not anyone else, and people would want to listen to. 

As I look at what I was, am, and what I want to be, I think the key is to always challenge myself to do things I am not comfortable with. I never read a blog in my life, and I never understood why someone would want to read someone else's personal feelings.  A childhood friend of mine, who I recently had the opportunity to get reacquainted with, convinced me that there is something appealing in the idea that you can have access to the person behind the person. Therefore, I decided to try this "blogging" (it will never catch on) thing for myself. I will keep posting my ideas and thoughts about life, and jazz in New York.

Thanks for reading, comments are welcomed.


    This blog started as a birthday resolution. I was never much aware of the whole blogging community out there, or why people wrote blogs. A friend of mine told me I should give it a try, and so I did.

    I write about what comes most naturally for me - music. I am a saxophone player and composer from Israel, living in New York City since 2006. It's not easy for any artist to survive in NY, not to mention succeed. But, for some reason every day there are many people arriving to the city, unpacking their suitcases and calling it their new home.

    There is not much interest for me to hype what I do here and make it sound like I am one of the few that are making it. In this blog I tell things as they are, or at least as I see them.


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